1. Travelling to Great Britain is the cost of about 500 – 800 PLN, depending on the transport.
  2. Monthly costs relating to the business activities as a company include social insurance (depending on the country of origin) and tax (about 9-12%).
  3. Accommodation in UK is about 90-150  GBP/week, depending on the region. The deposit is agreed on site, with the owner of the room or with the residential agency.
  4. The costs of food are similar to other European countries.


  1. Travelling to Great Britain is the cost of about 500 – 800 PLN, depending on the transport.
  2. Monthly costs relating to the business activities as a company include social insurance social insurance (depending on the country of origin) and tax (about 9-12%).
  3. Accommodation is provided in employees’ rooms (single or double) and their cost is 90-150 GBP weekly. The deposit is about 500 GBP. These costs are deducted in about 12 rates, starting from the 3rd week of pay.
  4. The costs of the new set of tools is about 450 GBP. The cost is also divided into about 12 rates, which are deducted starting from the 3rd week of pay.
  5. Commuting to the construction site: about 25 – 50 GBP per a week (Travelcard in London).

You should apply to our recruitment department as soon as possible. If you fulfil our requirements, they will sign you for our course. Having accomplished the course you are ready for the departure. It frequently happens that within 2 weeks after applying, the candidate is already in England, working within one of our contracts.


The holidays are scheduled individually after previous setting up the dates with the client. The period of limited possibilities of holidays is from June to August and in December.


The holidays are scheduled individually after previous setting up the dates with the client. Obligatory attendance at work is between 15th June and 31st August . Obligatory holidays period is between 18th December and 6th January.

Assessment is composed of two parts:

  1. Written test covering WTD, Highway Code, safety procedures). We supply the teaching materials which help to prepare for the written test. They include material relating to the British Traffic Regulations, provisions relating to the professional drivers and procedures binding at a given Client.
  2. A 30-40 minute drive observed by a company assessor who verifies whether the driving style of a given candidate is sufficiently smooth and safe. One of the verified elements is the safe trailer coupling and uncoupling. Also the ability of reverse drive towards the indicated ramp or between other trailers on both sides (blind side reversing).

IMPORTANT: Some of our clients , as a part of the assessment, carry out breathalyzer (alcohol) test or drug test.

CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a document which determines the level of specialization and experience of construction workers, confirming, at the same time, their knowledge relating to the Health and Safety provisions in force at construction sites. The first step to obtain such card is passing the exam and obtaining the certificate. Based on the certificate you may apply for the card. The cost of the card is 30GBP. There are several types of these cards, during our training we advice which one is the best for you.

The exam takes place in a selected test centre. The dates of the exam are booked and paid by Paracross. Our carpenters are not charged with the costs of the exam if they pass it at the first attempt. The candidates prepare for the exam and they get free learning material during our preparatory course in Piaseczno.

To attend the exam, you must have with you either your passport (it must be valid for at least 6 months) or another ID document with your photo and a credit card. The exam consists of 45 questions displayed on a computer monitor. You mark the answers with a click of the mouse. The exam can be taken in own language. In that case, you get a set of headphones and the questions and answers are read to you in the selected language.

Yes. Each candidate must complete our preparatory course. During the course we can get to know each other, we explain all the conditions of our offer. We verify also your professional experience then. The main objective of the course, however, is training and preparing the candidates for the specifics of working in the UK, either as a driver or a carpenter.

No. According to the regulations and basing on the Paracross agreements with our clients, you can legally use your country driving license and driver’s card. Note, however, that within the first 3 weeks of work you need to register your driving license at the DVLA (British equivalent of the traffic and drivers office). We inform about this process during our free preparatory course.

Depending on the contract Paracross guarantees 9 – 10 shifts within the period of 2 weeks. The guaranteed minimum shift length is 8 hours. The typical shifts last for 10 – 12 hours. You should also keep in mind that your driving shift would include weekends and night hours. The provisions relating to the working time and drivers’ driving time are strictly observed (driver’s card is scanned every day after the shift).

The planner contacts the drivers on the phone and informs them about the date/time of start.

A limited partnership is a personal commercial law company. You may enter the company by signing the Statues of a Limited Partnership, which are drawn up in the form of a notarial deed. The content of that agreement is presented during the preparatory course, and is discussed by a notary before its signing.
When you enter the company you become a limited partner. As a result, there is no need to establish your own businesses.

According to the Polish law, the liability of the limited partner for the company’s obligations is determined by the so-called limited liability amount. In our case, it is ONLY 200 PLN.

The cooperation within the limited partnership is simply profitable. The rate of the paid tax is about 9-12%. Part of the income may be settled as daily travel allowance which is tax-free. Additionally, the base for taxation is lowered by the costs of tickets or accommodation.
According to our calculations, our limited partners get about 1 GBP net for an hour more, when compared to those employed on the British conditions.

It depends on your individual situation. Acting as a company, you may choose one of following possibilities:

  1. You may choose a flat rate tax of 19%. It is a fixed rate, there are no thresholds depending upon the income. With the application of the flat rate tax it is not possible to settle the tax with your spouse.
  2. You may also choose progressive tax. It amounts to 18% from gained income at the amount of about 85000 PLN and 32% from the income above this amount. In that case you may settle the taxes with your spouse.

Limited partners, who have non-UK cars in the UK are obliged to follow the following rules of DVLA (equivalent of the Polish Traffic and Drivers Office):

  1. They must have and carry with them the up-dated car insurance and technical inspection certificate from your country.
  2. They must have and carry the proof of their first entry to the territory of the UK, i.e. ferry ticket.
  3. They may drive such car in Great Britain for the period of maximum 6 months within the period of 12 months from the first entry. After that, period the car must be replaced or registered in Great Britain. Otherwise, the British Police has the right to confiscate the car they deem illegal.

When you are a partner of the company you are insured in your country. Therefore, the partners are entitled to use the public healthcare in the Member States of the European Union.

Additionally, the partners is insured against accidents and civil liability in AVIVA company.