Our offer for drivers

For the last 10 years Paracross have recruited and trained over 1 000 drivers. Together with them, we have been cooperating with big logistic companies and supply chains across Great Britain: DHL, NFT, Lidl, GIST, Primark, CoOp, Morrisons, Culina, and Wincanton. We offer long term contracts and our recruitment process is ongoing.

Paracross guarantees its British partners the highest quality of the recruitment process and vast support to our Fleet:

  • Preparation for the job specifics in Great Britain by providing theory and practical training.
  • Conducting settlements and payments.
  • Contract management and their negotiating.
  • Assistance in planning arrivals and departures.
  • Individual support from a Fleet Manager.
  • Additional AVIVA insurance.

Key facts of our offer:

  • Attractive and stable long term contracts .
  • Free preparatory course in Poland.
  • Driving training session in Great Britain on a UK truck.
  • Rotation system with the possibility to go home more frequently.
  • Attractive rates of pay, regular payments every 2 weeks.
  • Guaranteed shifts: 9-10 shifts within 2 weeks.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Fixed yearly plan.
  • Comfortable work conditions: working strictly according to the Working Time Directive, typical shift between 10-12 hours and the, only occasional night-outs.
  • Prestigious contracts: DHL, NFT, Lidl, GIST, Primark, CoOp, Morrisons, Culina, and Wincanton.
  • Support of individual Fleet Manager: help in finding accommodation and support in everyday issues.
  • Wide-ranged support from the whole team: settlements, taxes, negotiations of the contract conditions, schedule of departures.
  • Language support: internal materials to learn English dedicated for drivers.




In Paracross we know that starting a new job abroad is a difficult decision. Our offer does not require moving to Great Britain permanently. However, it still enables to achieve an income at the British level and ensures spare time back at home. Long term contract with market rates and scheduled holidays provides stability and allow to plan private live. We hope for the professionals we chose and train to work with us for many years.



  • Verification of the professional experience and the level of English over the phone.
  • Presenting the current offers.


  • Accommodation and lunch provided.
  • Practical test: driving the domestic truck.
  • Discussing the job specifics and clients’ procedures based on exemplary documents and internal  materials dedicated for drivers (Induction Packs, booklets, etc.)


  • Assistance in organizing the departure.
  • Free driving training on a British truck, carried out by a British trainer.
  • Support in finding the accomodation.
  • Fleet Manager’s presence during the whole process.
  • Buddy Days – first few shifts double-manned with an experienced drivers.
  • We provide the support of the team and individual Fleet Manager for the whole duration of the contract.